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Trying To Get Workers Compensation? What To Ask Yourself

If you had an injury that happened while you were working, and you and your employer are fighting about workers compensation, it's best to stop communicating with your employer and to seek some legal advice. There are a lot of things that you want to ask yourself and things you want to discuss with your lawyer. Consider these things and determine where to go from there.

Do You Understand What Qualifies You?

It's important to go through your worker contract to see if you know what qualifies you for workers compensation and to see if you meet the requirements. If you aren't sure, you'll want to meet with an attorney to find out if you qualify, or how to fill out the paperwork to start getting the compensation that you need. You may need to consult with a medical professional, go through a series of therapy and medical tests, or more to quality for compensation.

Have You Waived Your Rights to Workers Compensation?

If you signed paperwork at the time of the injury and your employers tricked you into waiving compensation, you want to get a lawyer right away. You want to be sure that you haven't signed any paperwork that could prevent you from getting the money that you need to compensate you for your injuries.

Are You at Odds with Your Employer?

If it is becoming difficult for you to communicate with your employer because they are upset and don't want you to file for compensation, and you don't think you would be comfortable returning to the work place, you may not want to go back to your job when you heal. This is another reason to contact a lawyer, because they may be able to get you a settlement package to hold you over financially until you can find a new job.

A lot of employers don't want to pay for a worker when that employee is unable to work for them, but if you were injured on company time and you are injured because of something that was faulty at your place of employment, you should get the compensation that you need. Talk with the legal professionals in your area about your options and what to do, and make sure that you don't say anything or do anything that could prevent you from getting the compensation that you need from your place of employment. 

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