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3 Tips To Ensure Your Summer Estate Sale Goes Well

If you have been tasked with planning and running an estate sale for a deceased love one this summer, here are three tips to keep in mind that will help ensure that your sale goes off smoothly.

#1 Mark Off Where To Park

To start with, be sure to put up signs on where customers can park and where they can't park. For example, if your loved one lived in the country down a long road, be sure to set up cones that show people where to park so you don't have someone running over the flowers in an attempt to find a parking space. When potential customer's can't find parking or know where to comfortably park, you risk them leaving the sale altogether. Use cones and tape to mark off parking areas and if you think parking will be a major concern, send someone outside in a reflective vest to help assist with parking.

You may want to consider keeping a reserved handicap parking space or area marked off for that purpose as well so that anyone who wants to check out your estate sale will have access to it.

#2 Staff Each Room Of Your House

As people walk through your loved one's home, they may have questions about the items that they encounter, such as what they are, when they were made, if they work and what they cost. Make sure that each room in the house has someone in it that is clearly marked as staff who can answer their questions. You may want to give all staff and helpers matching t-shirts so that potential customers can easily spot and know who to direct their questions towards.

#3 Mark Everything Clearly

Make sure that everything is marked clearly. The day before the sale, go through each room and make sure that everything that is for sale has price tags. If there are any items that are out and not for sale, make sure that they are also clearly marked as not for sale. If you fail to do this, someone may try to buy this items and put in the awkward position to have to refuse their sale. Try to stay away from bargain bins or tables that are just divided into price sections. If someone picks up an item and moves it, it may be difficult to determine the price, so invest the time into putting price tags on all items. 

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