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Will A Representative Follow Directions When Helping Someone Post Bail?

Someone held in the county jail may secure a release before the trial by posting bail. Since many people cannot afford the total price of the bail, a bail bonds company's services may help. Paying the bail company a non-refundable 10% payment allows the service to put up the other 90%. However, the defendant might not have the 10% fee. That doesn't mean the person is out of options, as a friend or family member could deal with the bail bonds company and secure the individual's release. The defendant may benefit from choosing someone whose interactions with the bail bonds company will go smoothly. Otherwise, the process could become more problematic than necessary.

Basic Points About Asking Someone to Help with Bail 

Sending someone to work with a bail bonds company that lacks any valid identification might waste a lot of time. A person may hold onto an expired driver's license, which many local enterprises would be willing to accept as a form of I.D. A bail bondsman would likely only take a valid identification when working with the potential client. Not asking the bail bonds company's representative about basic work requirements could lead to a wasted trip and a defendant spending more time in jail.

Confirming Information with the Bail Bonds Company

Whether the defendant or a representative contacts the bail bonds company, it may be best to clarify and confirm any requirements or documents the bail bondsman requires. Someone setting up a payment plan for the bail bondsman's fee may need to present proof of income. Again, failing to bring all the necessary documents could lead to delays, meaning more time in jail than necessary. The time spent in jail could be more than inconvenient. Unable to secure their release, the defendant could miss work and end up losing their job. Other problems might arise from the unexpected incarceration, so any delays in completing a bail bonds deal may have unwanted consequences.

Calling Someone Reliable

A person with a "flip" attitude about following directions might not be the right person to call when hoping to post bail. That marginally reliable friend may say they know what to do and then show up at the bail bonds company without valid identification. Asking an unreliable person for help with bail responsibilities might prove risky. A detail-oriented person who follows directions carefully may be the appropriate friend or relative to call.